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Call Now For Free Estimates!
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Handicap Ramps

Handicap Ramps

Handicap Ramp
Many public buildings are required by law to have a handicap-accessible entrance. If you own a building that needs handicap ramps installed on it, you can count on us for speedy work that will not disrupt the natural flow of your business or organization. It does not matter to us how many handicap ramps you may need for your building, we will install all of them in a timely manner. Do not wait until you are cited by city officials, let us install the handicap ramps you need for your structure today.
The following is a short list of the types of buildings that we have installed handicap ramps for in the past:
  • Schools—We have provided handicap ramp installation services for all kinds of schools in and around Tampa, FL, including elementary schools, junior highs, high schools, private schools and local colleges.

  • Medical Facilities—Every medical facility, from hospitals to rehabilitation centers, needs handicap ramps. We have more experience in wheelchair ramp installation than any other concrete contractor in Tampa, FL.

  • Arenas—Make your concert or music venue accessible to all patrons. We have installed handicap ramps for some of the largest arenas and venues in the Tampa, FL area.
The handicap ramps that we build will always be up to code and made of the highest quality concrete. We have everything we need to install handicap ramps in house.
We never have to subcontract work to other companies because we have all the equipment and materials to get the job done ourselves. Make sure you work with us here at Curb King of Tampa Bay LLC today! 

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